Author: Anthony Bland
ISBN: 978 1 909051 78 X
Publication: Autumn 2024
Hardback, with debossed
gold foil
176 pages, printed on 150gsm matt art paper

Size: 8.5in x 11in portrait
(216mm (w) x 279mm (h))

Tarot has seen a big recent resurgence, with best-selling books on tarot meanings, tarot almanacs and tarot decks. Tarot symbols are also proving to be very popular as tattoos.

What’s been missing is a book of tarot art. Arcana is that book – a sumptuos volume packed with a riot of colour-suffused tarot art, from the early Italian tarot decks to the amazingly inventive and stunningly attractive designs being produced by contemporary artists from around the world.

Arcana begins with examples of the early cards, the Marseille tarots and the classic and influential Rider-Waite tarots. It then includes spreads on the significance and meanings of the major arcana and minor arcana, illustrated with the most striking historic designs. The final and largest section – the main part of the book – features the work of thirty of the best global tarot artists today – the creativity is amazing.

This book is a must for anyone into tarot, but also an unparalleled source of inspiration for tarot designers (professional and amateur), painters and tattooists.

A stunning black and gold foil cover completes an irresistible book on the ancient and modern forms of this most attractive, mysterious  and increasingly popular of art forms.

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Type: Book

Vendor: Graffito Books Ltd