A very exciting Lowbrow Cats giveaway!!

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Graffito Books

Exciting new competition!! Graffito has THREE totally free Lowbrow Cats books to be given away. The rules are very simple: Just LIKE this post and follow the Graffito Books Instagram page - that's it! All three winners will be chosen completely at random. Entries close at midnight on Saturday 21st March and the three lucky winners will be announced Monday 23rd. For more info on the book go to: Lowbrow Cats features kitties from world-leading lowbrow artists @mabgraves #raycaesar @dear_kukula #nicolettaceccoli @strangeling @jawcooper #danielmerriam #leilaataya @jasonlimon @caiakoopman @ponyania @dilkabear @sugarfueled and many, many more. GOOD LUCK! #lowbrowcatsgiveaway #catart #cats #cat #lowbrowart #lowbrow #popsurrealism #catsofinstagram #competition

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A jaw-droppingly exquisite volume of Steampunk Graphics!

Posted on October 07, 2014 by Graffito Books

It is our absolute pleasure to announce the arrival, in bookshops and online, of Steampunk Graphics  our new, stunning, luxury, 240-page volume of the world's best steampunk artists and their remarkable. mind-warping visions of the Victorian future that – sadly – never was.

 Paradoxically, the astonishing flights of imagination resulting in the most memorable images of  the  steampunk movement have only been possible due to the advances in digital design packages of  the  last few years.                                                                                                                                        
The unique art contained within this tome is of a high order; once seen these images are never  forgotten. Each artist has created a distinct series of worlds and aesthetics inspired by different  aspects of the genre. From the remarkable oils of Vadim Voitekhovitch to the Empire-style steam-  powered U-boat pens of Industrial Forest; from the gripping visuals of Kevin Mowrer's grand  steampunk oeuvre to the orientalism of Vladimir Bondar; from the remarkable contraptions of Zephyr  Chef to Remton's dirigible armadas in romantic-era cities. The sheer inventiveness will astound and  delight. 

For those into steampunk this is a visual feast over which to pore again and again, capturing new details each time. For the steampunk maker or creator, it's a virtually endless source of ideas and inspiration. For everyone else, it is a testament to the power of the genre that, globally, goes from strength to strength.

The book includes a detailed introduction by Kevin Mowrer on the origins of the movement and its recent development, as well as biographies of each artist, sharing their evolution, engagement with steampunk aesthetics and their sources of inspiration. Our ambition was to create one of the most rewarding steampunk visual records out there. The mind-bending quality of the artists within means that we have, we think, got there.

Find out more and order your copy of Steampunk Graphics here.


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Lowbrow Cats and a Very Special Artist Foreword

Posted on October 06, 2014 by Graffito Books

Fantastic news.  Lowbrow Cats has arrived and it looks stunning!  

The cat is a constantly recurring motif in pop-surrealism, kustom art, tattoo and other forms of lowbrow—probably unsurprisingly so, as so many artists and  graphic designers are used to the creatures wandering over their keyboards as they work. An amazing number of the most recognized artists in the genre have produced some eye-popping work featuring cats.                                                              

This gorgeous hardback features artwork from over 70 of the world’s best lowbrow artists.  There are  over 150 stunningly original images in total - each capturing a  different treatment and aspect of  feline personalities.  It is a unique work and a wonderful  reference for illustrators, as well as being a perfect gift for cat  lovers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Amongst incredible artists like Nicoletta Ceccoli, Caia  Koopman, George Underwood,  Leila Ataya  and Makoto, we  are proud to feature the chillingly beautiful work of neo- surrealist master, Ray Caesar.

Ray has also been kind enough to pen us a fascinating and totally unique foreword.  We can't wait for you to read it!

Check out more about the book and pick up your copy of Lowbrow Cats here.


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Dubstep Graphics has just landed in the US – get your hands on it at your favourite bookshop or indie music store..

The rise of dubstep music has been an unbelievable, global phenomenon. 

From festival to club, on radio commercials and at gigs from the likes of Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, dubstep has taken popular culture by storm. 

Dubstep Graphics is a unique work that highlights the amazing  impact the dubstep boom has had on the international design scene.  Ingenious graphic artists from around the world have clamoured to make their mark on flyers, posters, records and live  projection visuals.  Here we showcase the best of these, in an  extraordinary collection of witty, provocative and dark, urban-inspired designs.


 Find within this volume eye-popping artwork for the biggest  names in dubstep: Skrillex, Wu-Tang Clan, Nero, 12th Planet,  Getter, Cotti and many, many more.  We also feature designs  and an exclusive introduction from the one and only, original dubstep design maestro,  Ashes57 (graphic artist for NYC's early Dub War nights, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Rashad, Teklife and  Loefah).  

Dubstep Graphics is ideal for bass music and urban art fans, or if you are a DJ or graphic designer looking for inspiration for the cover of your next EP. 

Click here for more information and to pick up your copy!

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New Blood Tattoo just arrived - available 16th June!

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Graffito Books

Welcome to our new blog, which will be bursting with the latest in counter-cultural graphics, street art and fashion, street food and much, much more, along with the latest titles and exciting news from Graffito.

First up, it's our pleasure to announce that New Blood Tattoo will be on sale on the 16th of June!  

The world of tattoo has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, with skin art becoming more and more ubiquitous.  Along with this, there's been an explosion of creativity, with a fantastic group of young new artists from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Brazil and China entering the market and redefining the genre.

Following on from Beyond Tattoo, Allan Graves, owner of London's renowned Haunted, takes an up-to-the-minute look at the international vanguard of tattoo artists and the cutting-edge blends of disparate art styles and genres that reflect the way tattoo artists are now working.  Witness the world's best boldly mix elements as diverse as Hindu and European medievalism, Old Skool with Japanese influences, Mexican Dia de los Muertos with East Coast urban grit - to name but a few.  

New Blood Tattoo is packed with vibrant, striking imagery and innovative designs and is a must-have whether you are looking to get inked or a tattoo artist looking for fresh inspiration.

Check back on the 16th of June to find out more and to order your copy!




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